Step one – just start…

For some time now I’ve been asking people, “Should I start a blog?”

It’s such a daunting idea. Do you know HOW MANY blogs are started every day? Thousands. According to the  Huffington Post’s  Complete Guide to Blogging, there are over 112 million blogs on the web – and that statistic is from 2008! Apparently, only 7-8 million blogs have been updated in the past 90 days, but still, that’s a whole lot of posting and commenting going on!!

So if you are like me (creating something new) and you want to use a blog to create some structure around the idea – to share the vision for your new business, your BRAND (I have BIG ambitions),  how do you break through all that chatter?

This just raises more questions, like:  What kind of blog really attracts people? Should my blog be fictional, have character development, a plot and posts that read like chapters in a story? Or could it just be about the experience of starting ButterBoo? Is that interesting enough?

And then I read some advice about blogging that suggested –  just start.  And do not get weighted down in what the goal is – just get started writing about something you know well, create compelling content and see what inspires your audience (please please let there be an audience.) So, since I’m not a fiction writer, I decided to go with option two…

In all honesty, my husband has been telling me that I should use my story to explain why ButterBoo is so unique.  That a blog should, at minimum, include some submissions about why I started ButterBoo.  He keeps pointing out how my life is atypical and my passion for this business is part of what drives the brand.  Up until now, I have ABSOLUTELY refused to agree with this.  I simply did NOT want anyone to decide they don’t really care for ME and as a result dismiss what ButterBoo, is meant to represent. Yesterday I decided maybe he has been right all along (please don’t tell him.)

So, despite my concerns noted above, I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that if you decide you don’t really care for ME that you will still consider the value of what we are trying to build at ButterBoo.

So, here it goes – this is the story of how and why I started ButterBoo. From here I’ll share more about how it is going and maybe this will expand into other directions as things move along. I want to engage with my customers (or readers)  – so I plan to ask for your thoughts, take some polls and that kind of thing – suggestions on topics are welcome.

Happy Sharing.


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