ButterBoo: Have a smile to go with it.

About a year ago I was feeling like it was time to do more than just manage life’s status quo. I felt like it was the moment to begin building an intellectual or commercial pursuit that I could develop myself. I’d felt the need for a while, but I had been busy having children, commuting, working, buying and selling homes and moving (yes moving – five times in seven years.) I had spent years doing little things on the weekends to engage my ‘creative self’ – and it was time to break out and do something more significant with the effort.

During the day, I am an investment banker. I do very interesting work – very left brained work, but very engaging work none the less. For fifteen years I have had the privilege to meet incredible people, travel the world and otherwise be exposed to some unbelievable life experiences. I have been very lucky. And yet I still felt like wanted to do something more – something different. I wanted to create and share something inspired.

ButterBoo allows me to explore a medium that is more lighthearted than my banking work is and yet still fills a very important goal.

With ButterBoo we strive to create designs that have the perfect balance of traditionally appealing patterns, bright colors and engaging embellishments. It could be described as ‘traditional with a twist’ but that means many different things to different people. Our specific goal is to find that place in our world where whimsy is allowed and considered charming but not childish.

One of the fundamentals behind ButterBoo has been the belief that life is full of opportunities to do small things to show others you care for them. That there are moments where a bit of color, a sense of whimsy, a smile, a giggle or joyful sentiment would be easy to insert into the world and their use would lift someone’s spirit.  Sadly, we often we pass these moments by.

I get it – time is precious. But bear with my soap box for one minute – we have created technologies that are intended to make our lives easier and yet we typically do not use the ‘extra time’ towards making ourselves and our loved ones happier. So much of our communication is done by email or by phone to deliver ‘necessary’ information.

So, when I created ButterBoo I was inspired to launch the designs on stationery, simply BECAUSE a card is such an antiquated way of communicating with others. The premise of sending a ButterBoo card is simple – if you take a small part of your day to write a note to a loved one (and it doesn’t really take THAT much time to jot out a quick sentence or two with a pen) that person is bound to be very pleased to get your message in the mail.

A note in the mail is not NECESSARY but IT IS a brief moment where your small effort shares a sense of happiness with someone you love. When the recipient opens the note, the first thing they will see is one of our ButterBoo designs – and chances are, if you give someone a ButterBoo note, they will have a smile to go with it. [1. Quote loosely plays on the language found in the wonderful book series If you give…Books™ by Laura Numeroff]


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