What does “ButterBoo®” mean?

What does ButterBoo mean?

Before we get to the meaning, I wanted to share how we came up with the actual name…turns out, there are some people use the word butterboo as a nickname, which is funny, because I thought I made it up!

Seriously, I was trying to come up with a brand – a word that to me had no formal meaning but when read aloud sounds cheerful. This embedded feeling of joy in the actual spoken word ‘ButterBoo’ is critical to our mission.

To get to the word ButterBoo I mixed and matched bits of things that sounded cheerful to me – a combination of parts of my children’s nick names.

To me, the word, brand, designs and products we create all strive to capture a sense of whimsy and charm that is often left to children and events focused on children.

Have you ever noticed how much joy people get from events surrounding babies? The things that people buy for babies are astonishing! So much money chases after that “adorable outfit” or that “special bedding” Now, I have kids but just like many parents I can attest to the fact that much of the money spent on babies goes to waste. They grow out of things, or in many cases just don’t need as many accessories as they receive.

I’m convinced that part of the reason people love to buy baby presents is that it offers us an excuse to buy something outside our everyday experience. Rather than make the typical adult decision between the black pants or the dark blue ones, we can buy any color for a baby – because babies are given the freedom to surround themselves with color – and color brings joy.

So, with ButterBoo we strive to create designs that capture that joy. We want to spread that feeling through our designs to many categories of adult life. Our goal is to find that space between childish and formal and fill it with engaging designs that are colorful, charming, whimsical and yet not childish.

We want people to view the ButterBoo brand as synonymous with this belief that life would be better for all of us, at all ages and stages in life, if we let ourselves indulge in a little whimsy – and for those who embrace this view, to have the products available to share this sense of joy with others.

After arriving at ButterBoo as my brand, the next thing I did was start working on the ButterBoo logo. We worked with fonts, twisting the letters around in different shapes – ultimately looking for something that expressed some whimsy but wasn’t completely childish. Of course, since we were using the back to back capital B’s to create our impromptu ButterBoo butterfly, the letter B became the most important letter in the alphabet!

I think the result we got is a simple, whimsical and truly engaging choice – but let us know what you think!

Have you seen the animation we did of the logo? I’ve attached it here…


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