New participation program!

Do you have a frequent flier card? What about one of those cards at the grocery store where they count up points and you get ‘free stuff’ if you work long and hard at it?  Yeah, I have those too…and unlike my Father I never seem to get enough points to get a free turkey at Thanksgiving…

Well, we’re launching our own ButterBoo incentive program – but THIS ONE will have close to instant FREE STUFF.

What do you have to do?

Very little.  Just take a picture and email it to me.  Here’s the background…

A teacher I had at Parsons inspired me to keep my camera phone handy and take pictures of things that I think are engaging.  It was a color class so she was focused on capturing the way colors interact with each other.  I also snap shots of patterns I find appealing – sometimes they are organic, sometimes they are someone else’s design on clothing…

I have my own collection of pics but we are eager to see what inspires our readers!  And we know you all have camera phones (because almost everyone has a camera phone these days…)

So, if you see something you love – a color, a pattern, anything inspiring to you – take a quick snapshot and email it to me ( or post the picture on our FB fan page.  If you email me a photo I will post it to ButterBoo’s Blog with your first name only in the ‘sent to ButterBoo by:” line. We’re happy to share any brief description you have of why you find your photo inspiring – so please share your comments in your email.

After we receive your picture, we’ll contact you separately via email or via FB messaging to get your snail mail address and send you some free product as a thank you for the inspirations!

Don’t worry if what you are posting is copyrighted or trademarked – we don’t intend to use anyone else’s work inappropriately.  And if you want to be extra careful about this, take a moment in your email or FB post and let us know whose work you are posting by adding their name or brand, that way we can give the author their due credit.

This program will be in effect until further notice – and until we find someone who stretches the true limits of the phrase “for free take, for buy waste time” we will set no maximum number of times you can send us a photo to post and expect to get FREE STUFF.

Happy Sharing.

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