Do you have a blog?

Someone asked me the other day “do you have a blog” and I hesitated before answering…

Since we have not posted anything here at ButterBoo’s Blog since June, I was torn – should I ‘fess up and run the risk of having that person come see the lag in submissions and conclude we are not dedicated?

I  chose to direct them here – but that dialog shamed me into getting online and at minimum producing some moderately boring content – at least some new content will bring our by-line up to date, right?

All self-deprecation aside, that conversation also prompted the question “what is the purpose ButterBoo’s Blog?” and “why has it been so hard to keep it current?”

Truth is, we started the blog for the same reason we put product up on Etsy or started the ButterBoo Facebook fan page – many resources advise that a blog can help expand the touch points a small business has with users and we wanted to drive traffic to… 

In practice this is an extremely challenging way to use a blog. Blog readers typically do not want to continuously read a bunch of posts that are nothing more than promotional materials in disguise – and a blog without a more thoughtful agenda ends up low on the ‘must read’ list  – and has been low on my ‘must write’ list as well.

That reality hit me earlier this summer and since then has been hanging over me, dampening my desire to ‘just post.’

As a result, we have decided to start new and change ButterBoo’s Blog’s approach. From now on ButterBoo’s Blog will post practical advice for others starting a small businesses.  We also plan to include some ongoing commentary on what inspires us at ButterBoo – what keeps us building our stationery and fabric design brand in our ‘spare time’. In this way it is our hope that ButterBoo’s Blog will become a resource on its own and ideally offer some inspiration – not just a stream of click-throughs to

So here is practical advice post number one:

If you have not done so already, it would be a good idea to go online and fill out your sales and use tax forms and submit your local taxes!

State taxes for the quarter ended June 30, 2010 were probably already due. I don’t know how it works in other states, but in NJ you are not prompted to pay your quarterly sales taxes – instead you are obligated to remember to pay them at the end of each quarter. Believe me – the state you live in would be happy to fine you for being late (no matter how small an amount you may owe them.) State budgets (as we all well know) are running lean on funds…

Disclosure: ButterBoo Designs is in the stationary and fabric design business and is not licensed to offer legal, financial or accounting advice – this is just a friendly reminder to check your tax payment due dates and to try to pay them on time.

Happy sharing.

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