My crazy design student life

I thought I’d get back to writing my blog.

Two years ago I just stopped – despite having promised myself I wouldn’t be one of those people who starts a blog but doesn’t follow through with it…

Since then a lot has changed. Most for the good. Rather than cover the depth of changes in one post, I’m going to consider covering them as I go – like flash backs in a movie.

Right now, I thought I would start using the blog to help share the progress I am making at FIT. I am getting a degree in Textile Design.  The work I was doing designing cards for ButterBoo inspired me to pursue the degree. I’m halfway through and am working on my third semester of classes – screen printing, more screen printing, Illustrator and two painting classes.   Here’s a copy of the first phase of my latest decorative fabrics project – it’s a large scale fabric intended to be used for home decor. It was a lot of drawing…

Phase One – Pencil Design for Decorative Fabrics

In addition to this large-scale fabric design, I have been busy with a few other projects for the rest of my classes including:

Techniques for Fashion Fabrics – Distressed Design

Screen Printing – ‘Birdie’ Design


Screen Printing – Dragon with Sun

Oh and this cute (some think he looks mean?) frog I drew for Illustrator class:

I’m three weeks into the semester so there’s a lot more to come.  That says nothing of managing to keep the rest of life on the critical path.  But that dialog will wait for another post.

I’m looking forward to sharing the second year of this ‘returning to school as a 40+ year-old Mom‘ adventure via this blog.  Here’s to another promising school year.

Happy reading.

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  1. Christe Spiers · · Reply

    I like the frog. He’s menacing in a cute way.

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