You are my sunshine…

As we dig out from ‘Horrible Storm Sandy’ here in New Jersey, I thought I would distract myself from the madness and post some photos of my most recent screen printing project.

While it had absolutely nothing to do with my initial choice of topic, the recent storm lends an unanticipated irony to the  ‘Sunshine versus the Monster’ theme of the project.

This project is the personification of the creative exploration exercise I have been going through this semester.  I have been working to break out of own personal boundaries and explore creativity from new angles.  For me this often means finding a way to create a single image not one in a pattern.  One striking frame.  For me this is no small task as I see almost everything through the lens of a repeat. While frustrating at times, I’m happy to report I believe I am making progress.

Here’s the result of one recent exercise. The set up was straight forward (which in my world means trouble.)  Find an image that is compelling and would create an interesting t-shirt.  Then using both that image and an open screen make some paper.  Take that paper and make a book.  Bind the book however you chose.  When you are done, take a page of the book and make a poster.  All parameters are up to you.  Great.

Cover of my custom-made ‘You are my Sunshine’ book, translated into Chinese

We love the song, “You are my Sunshine” in my house so I used that as my inspiration.  I drew a dragon a few weeks back with a sun clutched in its paw to fold into the project.  The book is made from lightweight cardboard with Chinese advertisements decoupaged all over it.  This cover is made from strips of the open screened paper and strips of the dragon image woven together.  I can’t say exactly why a Chinese translation of the song made sense to me – but it did so I ran with it.

Pages two and three of Sunshine book.

Flipped open book to ‘when skies are grey’ page of Sunshine book.

Full inside illustration of Sunshine book.

On the final back page of the book, the dragon is stealing the sunshine out of the evening sky.  The mountains have turned from brown to dark red as the sky fades to evening.

Sunshine being stolen from the night sky by the dragon.

Then of course there was the t-shirt and the poster that went with the book…

Dragon image on a t-shirt in gold with black off set print and open screen accents.

You are my Sunshine poster.

I’m happy with the final result.  Each of the three elements pulls from different parts of the inspirations but when they are looked at as a group they come together and tell a nice story. I’m not as pleased with the t-shirt as I hoped to be (my husband wears one in black on a grey t-shirt and it gets a lot of positive feedback so maybe it’s just me…) and the poster ended up being my favorite element.

Huh, go figure.

Special thanks to Linda and her mom for helping me proof my English to Chinese web-based translation.

Translation of ‘You are my Sunshine’ into Chinese.

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  1. The book looks phenomenal! Especially the page with the mountains! So good, I truly love it. So impressed as always.

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