About ButterBoo (and about me.)

My name is Kate Booth and I started building ButterBoo in 2009.  Since then the journey to build my stationery and fabric brand has taught me some very special lessons and changed my life in a myriad of ways.

I continue to offer my cards and my fabrics on my website http://www.butteboo.com and on http://www.spoonflower.com.  Since 2009 I went back to FIT to get a degree in textile design.  This decision has taken my creative capacities into many new and extremely exciting directions.

This blog was once about promoting my new business.  I had used this platform as a way to share my experiences along the way.   As the time I could invest in the brand was channeled into assigned school work, so did my interest in writing about what turned out to be an exceptionally challenged market.  The stationery business is a low barrier to entry melting ice cube of a business.  While I continue to harbor my passion for paper, I have had to recognize that it is not a practical passion to pursue and expect any kind of economic reward.

I have episodically used this space to share as I explored some design work and I am planning to continue to expand on that effort.

I also intend to start to use the ButterBoo blog as a way to share other personal experiences – and as a result I intend to mix both ‘business and pleasure’ into one stream of consciousness.  We’ll see where it takes us.

I hope you enjoy my textile designs, my blog posts and the personal experiences shared on this blog.

All my best to you,







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