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The ‘Silent Career’

We’ve been working on this thought – it’s incomplete at best – but it’s the beginning of something. The funny thing is, it’s not even an original idea – it’s just one that needs a name. Recently we’ve become increasingly aware of how many people we see commercially embracing their avocations.  We have come across people who […]

Do you have a blog?

Someone asked me the other day “do you have a blog” and I hesitated before answering… Since we have not posted anything here at ButterBoo’s Blog since June, I was torn – should I ‘fess up and run the risk of having that person come see the lag in submissions and conclude we are not dedicated? I  chose to direct them here […]

Show-and-tell is harder than it looks

D’you ever get nervous speaking in front of a crowd? Of course you have. Who hasn’t right? I’ve worked for years on my presentation style. I’ve had practice pitching to large auditoriums of people, in one-on-one meetings, at formal boards-of-director meetings and over informal “coffees.” I’ve found that speaking to a large audience is less […]

ButterBoo Designs launches on!

ButterBoo Designs announces the launch of the ButterBoo storefront on

It’s not easy being Green

Happy belated Earth Day!  While we didn’t do a special promotion for Earth Day this year, ButterBoo has been and remains focused on many of the issues embedded in the Earth Day celebration.  And oh what a celebration it was! Earth Day is an event my children’s school really focuses on, so earth friendly actions […]

Taking ButterBoo on the road…

So as I worked towards launching the website last fall, I wanted to be sure we had plenty of inventory on hand for the RUSH of orders we might receive…  😉  So I worked with my one employee (we’ll call her Layne) and we got a bunch of our initial 12 +/- styles ready […]

What does “ButterBoo®” mean?

What does ButterBoo mean? Before we get to the meaning, I wanted to share how we came up with the actual name…turns out, there are some people use the word butterboo as a nickname, which is funny, because I thought I made it up! Seriously, I was trying to come up with a brand – […]