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It’s all in the inspiration or is it the technique or the final application?!?

I’m reminded this term that design offers a myriad of different ways of communicating an idea. Whether it’s the technique used, the subject chosen or the final application, to some extent for me it all gets mashed together in creating what in some cases ‘works’ and in others doesn’t. I often puzzle on why… This […]

My crazy design student life

I thought I’d get back to writing my blog. Two years ago I just stopped – despite having promised myself I wouldn’t be one of those people who starts a blog but doesn’t follow through with it… Since then a lot has changed. Most for the good. Rather than cover the depth of changes in […]

Show-and-tell is harder than it looks

D’you ever get nervous speaking in front of a crowd? Of course you have. Who hasn’t right? I’ve worked for years on my presentation style. I’ve had practice pitching to large auditoriums of people, in one-on-one meetings, at formal boards-of-director meetings and over informal “coffees.” I’ve found that speaking to a large audience is less […]

Sign up for ButterBoo news and promotions!

Hello,    We thought it would be a good idea to remind you to sign up for our news and email promotions.    You should know that we don’t overwhelm our users with ongoing promotions, but from time to time we send out emails making sure you know what we have currently available.    As an example, this week […]

ButterBoo: Have a smile to go with it.

The inspiration behind starting the ButterBoo brand, with a blog title that includes a tag line using context inspired by Laura Numberoff.

Step one – just start…

This is the story of how and why I started ButterBoo – Whimsically Simple Designs.