Do you have a frequent flier card? What about one of those cards at the grocery store where they count up points and you get ‘free stuff’ if you work long and hard at it?  Yeah, I have those too…and unlike my Father I never seem to get enough points to get a free turkey […]

D’you ever get nervous speaking in front of a crowd? Of course you have. Who hasn’t right? I’ve worked for years on my presentation style. I’ve had practice pitching to large auditoriums of people, in one-on-one meetings, at formal boards-of-director meetings and over informal “coffees.” I’ve found that speaking to a large audience is less […]


ButterBoo Designs announces the launch of the ButterBoo storefront on

Happy belated Earth Day!  While we didn’t do a special promotion for Earth Day this year, ButterBoo has been and remains focused on many of the issues embedded in the Earth Day celebration.  And oh what a celebration it was! Earth Day is an event my children’s school really focuses on, so earth friendly actions […]

Hello,    We thought it would be a good idea to remind you to sign up for our news and email promotions.    You should know that we don’t overwhelm our users with ongoing promotions, but from time to time we send out emails making sure you know what we have currently available.    As an example, this week […]

So as I worked towards launching the website last fall, I wanted to be sure we had plenty of inventory on hand for the RUSH of orders we might receive…  😉  So I worked with my one employee (we’ll call her Layne) and we got a bunch of our initial 12 +/- styles ready […]